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David Shrigley

Paintings and drawings

December 1 2000 to January 6 2001
Opening Friday december 2 from 18-20

It is a great pleasure to present an exhibition with new paintings and drawings by David Shrigley.

The secret world of David Shrigley.
1. Mum and Dad are downstairs watching 'Last of the summerwine'
2. David is upstairs in his room drawing pictures of torture and Satan.

What will they do next?
1. Mum and Dad will eat some crisps and then watch 'Two point four children' 2. David will continue his scholarly activities upstairs

And after that?
1. Mum and Dad will drink ginger wine and then watch the film.
2. David will sacrifice a goat and then go downstairs and watch the film also.

The text piece above is taken from David Shrigleys book 'Why we got the sack from the museum', and in my view it encapsulates very nicely a line that I think goes through Shrigleys work in general.
When looking at Shrigleys drawings and texts one could get the impression of being presented with the inner world of an adolescent: That is, the goofy kind of teenager, the loner that nobody notice, the guy who doesn't speak up in school and who sees himself as an outsider.
The kind of teenager who secretly broods over this world and releases this sense of not fitting in anywhere into hidden fantasies.

In Shrigleys work we're allowed to sneak a peek at this fantasyworld: a world where quirky ideas are presented with a sense of downplayed surreal humour, and last but not least; a world that strangely enough very precisely seem to mirror our own.
Peter Land Copenhagen 2000

We also have the great pleasure to present 'Hard Work' a new book by David Shrigley.

We welcome you in the gallery

Nicolai Wallner