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Peter Land

Nemo on the Borderline
January 9 - February 21 2004

Opening Friday January 9 from 17-19

It is a great pleasure to present "Nemo on the Borderline", an exhibiton with sculptures, video works, and paintings by Peter Land.

The majority of the works on this show derive in different ways from the loss of control, physically as well as mentally, that is experienced between being awake and asleep.
That loss of control is attempted visualised by among others the pyjamas dressed figures whose arms and legs have turned into useless metre long spaghetti.
The figures are partially inspired by the comic "Little Nemo in Slumberland" by Windsor McKay, thus also the title. On a monitor in a different place in the exhibition one can see a person also constantly on the point of falling to sleep without ever succeeding. Possibly because of the church bell nearly constantly ringing on another monitor in the room.
As such this show focuses in many ways on subjects I have worked with earlier. The loss of control due to a loss of meaning. The feeling of being paralysed due to the lack of orientation.
Moreover I exhibit a small series of painted landscapes, that have features similar to imaginative illustrations in children's books and fairy tales.
The paintings underline the sleep/dream theme that runs through the rest of the works.
Sweet dreams

With kind regards

er Land, December 12 2003

Each of the works represent in different ways an important, new development for Peter Land. Besides being the first time that Peter Land have worked three-dimensional in this way, it is the first time in nearly 12 years that Peter Land have worked with painting, the medium in which he was originally trained when he attended the Danish Royal Academy of Arts. The paintings in the same way as his watercolors offer a look into a world normally only experienced while dreaming.

We are happy to welcome you in the gallery.

Galleri Nicolai Wallner