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David Shrigley

anti - depressants

Photographs, sculptures and drawings

January 17 - March 15 2003

Opening Friday January 17 2003 from 17-19

It is a great pleasure to present an exhibition with new drawings, photographs and sculptures by David Shrigley.

Experiencing the world of David Shrigley, you're bound to confront the traumas of your adolescence, your deepest anxieties or feelings of a social misfit. "Have a Wank" , "Don't Flinch while I'm Slashing You" or play darts and aim for the word "Twat" in the centre of the disc, are some of David's suggestions for handling frustration. The Shrigleyesque realm embraces both the melancholic, pathetic and disillusioned aspects of life and focuses on the absurdity of them. You could take the contents of his works literally and would probably get depressed or something which couldn't be further from the intention. David reverses the trivia, the boredom and the anxieties of everyday life to witty oddities that don't make sense in a rational way. We seldom experience these emotions and when they occur, we all do our best to repress them in order to maintain social propriety or merely to stay out of a mental institution. David's perception of life is not so unusual, sometimes it's just beneath the surface. Who hasn't felt the urge to simply put a post-it on the door, saying "Gone to hell" ?

The works for this exhibition are both an insight into the dark side of the human condition and also hilariously funny and absurd. A dirty t-shirt lies on the floor with a pathetic little, pale head sticking out of it; casts of crackers have been placed in a pattern; a cute penguin is nearly suffocated by rolls of tape, Darth Vader stares at you with glazed eyes and a gigantic autumn leaf suggests a world turned up side down. A photographic diptych shows a little narrative of David Shrigley, examined by a doctor at the hospital, and a x-ray, showing a plastic troll in his stomach; a photograph of a sleeping balloon is next to a knee with "Merry Christmas" written on it. A selection of drawings with texts and images all create sensations of aggression and of mental and sexual frustration.

David Shrigley lives and works in Glasgow. He has worked with Galleri Nicolai Wallner since 1996. Recently he has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions including; the Camden Arts Centre,London; UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles and Mamco, Geneva.
In August he will show at Kunsthaus, Zurich.

Galleri Nicolai Wallner has published two books by David Shrigley, "Hard Work" and "To Make Meringue You Have to Beat the Egg Whites until They Look Like This".

We welcome to the gallery and hope you'll enjoy the exhibition.

Kind regards,

Galleri Nicolai Wallner