Galleri Nicolai Wallner opened in the fall of 1993 with the ambition of exhibiting challenging and innovative contemporary art. The inauguration of the gallery not only captured the spirit of that particular time, but set the pace and agenda for what we continue to do today. 

Accordingly, many of the artists in our current program have been with the gallery since its inception, and have had their first solo show with the gallery.

The gallery was primarily founded on the ideals of what it means to represent an artist throughout their career, and it is with this in mind that we have built our program and have incorporated new artists. Our representation of more seminal, established artists has provided us a way of contextualising the gallery’s vision, and has also allowed us to introduce the Danish art scene to some of the most important living artists. 

We see the responsibility of the gallery as wide reaching; a personal collaboration with each artist, helping with production and acting as their connection to international galleries and museums, also managing both a written and a visual archive for each artist, and not at least acting as an open public space that presents the highest level of contemporary art to the general public.

The current program is comprised of both Scandinavian and international artists. Working with varying techniques, media and practices, they are defined as a group not by a shared aesthetic, but rather by a common wish to express content, to tell a story, and to make an impression in an otherwise fluctuating world. 

2017 marked a year of transition and expansion, as the gallery moved into a newly designed building. Today, we continue to build our commitment and our interest in both our local Danish arts community, as well as the general arts community at large. 


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