May 3 - June 22 2019

Galleri Nicolai Wallner is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by David Shrigley.

Aptly named EXHIBITION OF GIANT INFLATABLE SWAN-THINGS AND OTHER THINGS, Shrigley’s exhibition is made up of precisely this.

Seven GIANT INFLATABLE SWAN-THINGS sculptures, each over three meters tall, stand next to each other in a row down an entire side of the gallery. As if Shrigley’s black and white drawings have quite literally sprung to life, their exaggerated necks, somewhat awkward swan forms and their smiling faces lend a sense of humour and playfulness to the exhibition.

The sculptures inflate and deflate on a twelve minute loop, creating an energetic and ever- changing atmosphere that runs throughout the exhibition.

Echoing this charged feeling, the OTHER THINGS referred to in the title come in the form of Shrigley’s now iconic drawings, which combine text and imagery to reveal the banalities and surprises of human behaviour and the ups and downs of everyday life.

Several of the works have an almost philosophical, urgent leaning to them, with statements like “I was in a cage and now I that I am free I do not know what to do” alongside a bird, “Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards” and “Impulsive decisions, difficult to reverse” written around an image of a chopped down tree. Others speak more directly to our emotions, with phrases like “I drank two litres of cola and now I feel fucking great”, “Horses should not be ridden”, “We need each other” and, next to a drawing of the pyramids and the Sphinx, the text “New is old, old is new”. Together, the works reveals different facets of our realities and personalities, as Shrigley reminds us that these quirks are what make us all human.

Over the past three decades, David Shrigley has become one of the most prolific artists of our generation. His influence is felt throughout the art world, extending into music and contemporary culture. The compelling nature of his works resonates with viewers, as we cannot help but be drawn to Shrigley’s ability to bring the most simple, heartfelt and yet universal truths out of almost anything.

David Shrigley (b. 1968, UK) has received international and critical acclaim for his work. In 2016, David Shrigley’s seven meter tall “thumbs up” sculpture was unveiled in Trafalgar Square, for the Fourth Plinth Commission. Since 2014, he has had an on-going and changing presentation at Sketch Restaurant in London. Shrigley was nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize Award in 2013, following his major mid-career retrospective at the Hayward Gallery (London). Shrigley’s works are found in prominent collections around the world, including Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago), Collection Lambert (Avignon), MUDAM (Luxembourg), Museum of Modern Art (New York), Tate Britain (London), the British Council (London), Thyssen-Bornemisza Contemporary Art Foundation (Vienna), Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (Edinburgh) and the National Gallery of Denmark (Copenhagen).

carrie emberlyn