June 1 - July 16 2011

It is a great pleasure for Galleri Nicolai Wallner to present Danmark, an exhibition with new paintings by Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen.

Through the exhibition Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen gives a kaleidoscopic view of the country Denmark. Pictured like a contemporary Arcadia the artist gives us a landscape that appears simultaneously mundane and poetic. From cities and fields to beaches and woodland the series forms a novel take on a traditional genre and presents a highly personal look at the country.

During the last year Schmidt-Rasmussen has visited the different parts of Denmark gathering the images that form the basis of the exhibition. The works explore different painterly choices and strategies – merging flat expanses of colour with beautifully rendered trees and houses. Stylistically the paintings always seem to be on the point of changing into something else – either becoming more realist or more abstract depending on the eyes that see. In the works for the exhibition apparent en plein air naturalism gives way for something decidedly different.

The paintings appear to exist in an interim, a quality that also applies to the motives that all seem to be in a state of restful vigil, waiting for something to happen. Groups of people are painted as small props in the larger setting of the landscape. Perhaps most of all, the exhibition tells a story about finding your own place in the national construct.

Schmidt-Rasmussen’s works are full of potential allegory and the transformation of the well known into a place of imagination tells about a significant surplus of creative energy. There seems to be a certain nostalgia for the past as the works both mimic and subtly undermine the conventions of landscape painting.

Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen (born 1963) has been an important figure on the Copenhagen art scene for more than a decade and has played an instrumental part in the development of Danish contemporary painting. Over the years he has done numerous group- and solo exhibitions, among others in Badischer Kunstverein (Karlsruhe), Stadtgalerie Kiel (Kiel), Louisiana (Humlebæk), Momentum, Nordic Biennial (Norway), Essl Museum (Klosterneuburg), and Museum Fridericianum (Kassel).

carrie emberlyn