New Eternity

September 2 - October 30 2010

It is a great pleasure for Galleri Nicolai Wallner to present New Eternity, with new works by Alexander Tovborg (b. 1983). This is our first exhibition with Alexander Tovborg who graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in May 2010.

Tovborg explores different genres of art including painting, drawing, sculpture, and performance. He creates compelling figurative and metaphysical imagery drawn from his own personal beliefs and combined with elements that seem to connect to a more general cultural subconscious. Tovborg seems especially to find a sincere and genuine expression in religious and spiritual art that he transforms into paintings and sculptures – creating his own myths in process.

For this exhibition, Tovborg has reconstructed the gallery as a spiritual landscape and divided it into the Market Place, the Temple, and Paradise – with each area having its own colour and organizing principle. A group of arch types identified as the Creator, the Moral, the Communicator, and the Believer inhabit his works. According to the artist the interaction between these figures constitutes the structural principle of religion and they appear in various incarnations throughout the exhibition.

Very adapt in different techniques and media, Tovborg often blends them in one work employing acrylic, gold metal leaf, collage in both sculpture and painting. The same all embracing approach appear in how the palette of the exhibition is used; the black, red, green, and gold appear rather differently in each work from the nearly monochrome to the visually arresting polychrome. Through split perspectives and by multiplying the motif into a myriad of facets, Tovborg creates a panoptic view over actual and virtual spaces. A lyrical, yearning world that appears either glowing with colours or shrouded by thin layers of pigment.

The exhibition New Eternity testifies to the highly charged relationship between visuality and spirituality. The art of believing or conversely to believe in art is at stake. Tovborg’s paintings and sculptures attempt to give temporary forms to the unimaginable.

We are very pleased and honoured to be able to introduce the works of this exciting young artist to a wider public and happy to welcome you in the gallery.

carrie emberlyn