Jeppe Hein | Your Light is the Light in Me

April 23 - June 19 | 2021

Galleri Nicolai Wallner is pleased to present Your Light Is The Light In Me, a solo exhibition of new works by artist Jeppe Hein.

For the past two decades, Jeppe Hein’s practice has centred on the connections that exist between our internal consciousness and more physical elements. Using minimal yet elegant elements that often reflect our own image and forms that playfully encourage us to shift positions and activate ourselves, Hein creates an interactive and ever evolving dialogue between the viewer, the work and the space that surrounds it.

For this exhibition, Jeppe Hein uses the presence of candlelight as a starting point.




Jeppe Hein
With or Without You (2021)
Powder-coated aluminium, two-way mirror, candle, paraffin oil
80 x 80 x 13.5 cm
31.5 x 31.5 x 5.3 in
Edition of 3 (+2 AP)

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Imagery of candles and candlelight can be found throughout art history, notable in iconic paintings by Rembrandt, Hammershøi and more recently in works by Gerhard Richter. Used through painting as a means to demonstrate technical prowess and an understanding of light, the candle has also been used as a symbol of life and vitality among other interpretations.

With Your Light Is The Light In Me, a flame flickers in each of the three works. Each emanates a sense of recognition, of something moving, changing, something alive that is within the work and equally alive within each of us. This intimacy and intensity is echoed through the use of two-way mirror which hides the candle while it superimposes the candlelight on the image of our own bodies, referencing something that is tangibly within us but harder to visualise.





Jeppe Hein
Your Inner Glow (2021)
Powder-coated aluminium, two-way mirror, candle
150 x 65 x 14 cm
59 x 25.7 x 5.5
Edition of 3 (+2 AP)

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Jeppe Hein
In the Circle of Light (2021)
Powder-coated aluminium, two-way mirror, motor, candle
100 x 100 x 10.5 cm
39.3 x 39.3 x 4.3 in
Edition of 3 (+2 AP)

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Accompanying these three works is an installation which allows visitors to make their own candles, taking one home and leaving one within the space, as a physical manifestation of their visit, giving everyone a way to add their presence and their voice.





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