Rasmus Myrup | Works on Paper

Bringing together elements from our natural and social histories, Rasmus Myrup’s rich practice puts forward parallel narratives of what once was and what continues to be. Dynamics of love, sex, family, relationships and power are brought into focus, extending through the worlds of flora, fauna, and people alike. With matter like the stone age, Nordic folklore and modern culture, Myrup’s installations, sculptures and works on paper reintroduce us to a world which is subversively ours but can be overtly ours if we so choose.

This drive to bring other narratives to the forefront is echoed in Rasmus Myrup’s technical prowess. Utilising both archaic practices and futuristic technique—including silver point drawings and eelgrass thatching among others—Myrup crates something which feels uniquely in the here and now.

Rasmus Myrup’s drawing practice is often centred around imagery of homosexual hominins. Though they take paleontological and archeological studies of prehistoric people’s life and strife as a starting point, the works are ultimately imaginings and fantasy rather than science. Myrup’s practice is informed by current research, but takes up where science leaves off.

This is contrasted by vivid images of landscapes, seeds, plants and other elements, as Myrup draws parallels and reminds us of the promiscuous ways of the flora world. Romantic scenes and depiction of intimacy are juxtaposed by more personal moments of self-awareness and identity exploring, coming together to create a rich visual narrative.



Rasmus Myrup
Homo Homo (Big Self-Awareness Energy) (2022)
Soft pastel and compressed charcoal on mi-teintes paper
67 x 52 x 2.5 cm, framed
EUR 6.000,-

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Rasmus Myrup
Neanderthal Narcissus (Checking Up On His Crow’s Feet) (2021)
Graphite, gouache and water color on synthetic paper
41.5 x 26 x 2.5 cm, framed
EUR 2.250,-

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