Emmanuel Perrotin Interview (Part 1)


Nicolai Wallner talks with Emmanuel Perrotin of Gallery Perrotin about the first years and the future of galleries among other things.

In this first part of an interview with the French gallerist, Nicolai Wallner and Emmanuel Perrotin cover the beginning years of their galleries which both opened in the early 1990s in Paris and Copenhagen, respectively. Perrotin recounts dressing up in a phallus-rabbit-suit for six weeks during his first gallery years. When asked what his advice to someone young wanting to open a gallery today would be, he says to not just do it for fun as running a gallery requires all your time and energy according to him. In addition to that, Emmanuel Perrotin notes that he feels pressure to always renew and develop his galleries. Emmanuel Perrotin has been the first gallerist to many now renowned artists or helped introduce them to an international audience.

Filmed and edited by Andreas Rosforth.

carrie emberlyn