Nordenskiold & The Icecap (1999)

Joachim Koester

Slide installation/projection, 105 slides, 4 slide projectors, 2 Dove AVL Dissolve units

Joachim Koester’s Nordenskiold and the Icecap is a work, which consists of slide projection of images from the Ice cap and texts from the Swedish/Finnish explorer Nordenskiold’s diaries. This very ambitious work was made from photos Koester made during his travels to the Ice cap. In the projection one landscape fade into the following which makes the landscapes difficult to differentiate from each other. In this way the viewer cannot decide whether the landscapes actually exist. This aspect is very important to Koester as it blurs the distinction between fiction and reality. In connection to Nordenskiold’s project it accentuates the explorer’s search for an imaginary and utopian land.

carrie emberlyn