Talk I An herb, a street, a coin I Joachim Koester, Peter Øvig Knudsen & Ann Sophie von Bülow


Taking its starting point in Joachim Koester’s Coloured Cannabis series, Koester (b. 1962), journalist and best-selling author Peter Øvig Kundsen (b. 1961), and artist Ann Sophie von Bülow (b. 1987) will take on the political and social thematics concerning cannabis.

Joachim Koester is known for his ability to weave fact and fiction, reality and myth. Focusing on occurrences of mysticism and the occult as well as the more surreal moments from our cultural and social histories, Koester examines events in time that have become more than the sum of their parts. The interrelationships between the aesthetics, the production and the history of cannabis have returned again and again in Koester’s practice.

They serve as a platform to discuss the political and social thematics that will forever be intertwined with Western and specifically American culture—thematics which will be explored in this conversation.

Peter Øvig Knudsen is known for his work on the iconic Danish terrorist group Blekingegadebande, the hippie movement and other movements in recent Danish history. Ann Sophie von Bülow was born and raised in Freetown Christiania, and this experience is often central to her work.

Filmed and edited by Andreas Rosforth.

carrie emberlyn