Often focusing on what lies beyond the limits of everyday life, E.B. Itso concerns himself with the factions of people who have intentionally chosen to live outside of what is considered socially conventional. Concentrating on the people and places that are often overlooked or deliberately neglected, E.B. Itso takes on the process of investigating these underworlds. By searching and studying that which goes unnoticed, he blurs the lines between documentation and participation, inserting himself in these worlds. In so doing, E.B. Itso takes on some of their secrecy as well. The result is an ability to subtly bring out the mysterious elegance of these people and spaces that are so often overlooked or deliberately neglected.

This investigation of these underworld elements that exist in every city and every country reveals a certain universality that is present throughout the work, counterbalanced by the intimacy that he conveys in the way that he treats his subject matter. The result is a complex and often open-ended social critique that puts forward a voice that is far too frequently left mute.

carrie emberlyn