Julie Lænkholm’s practice has its roots in the ideas and the methods centred around collective learning. Exploring techniques and practices which have been traditionally been passed down orally from generation to generation, Lænkholm activates a predominantly female-driven history which has been forgotten or otherwise actively ignored. As such, she brings these narratives directly back into focus and places them within a contemporary discourse.

Lænkholm’s works are often textile in nature. Using materials such as wool, silk and denim, she treats them with natural, plant-based dyes using historic methods, each of which hold a certain significance and intentionality. The specificity and the technical backdrop of this process comes through to create a very tactile, three-dimensional feeling that emanates from the work, unlocking a kind of atmospheric presence that can be readily sensed. Julie Lænkholm’s works bring us into a world where things feel as if they are in continual evolution, almost as if the works remain alive long after they seem to be finished or in a final state. We become participants of the work, and in a way we activate the work while the work simultaneously activates us as well.

There is a generosity inherent in Lænkholm practice. Each thread and textile is presented in a way that imparts its process onwards, and in so doing imparts the knowledge that is transmitted with it. The connections and interaction with the works adds to this consciousness, as we find ourselves becoming integrated into this collective learning process.

Julie Lænkholm (b. 1985, Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is a graduate of Parsons, The New School of Design in New York. Lænkholm has had recent solo exhibitions at Matsushima Bunko Museum (Matsushima), Tranen Space for Contemporary Art (Hellerup), Húsavík Musejm (Húsavík) and Politikens Forhal (Copenhagen). In 2022, Lænkholm opened a solo exhibition at Textile Arts Center (New York).

carrie emberlyn